Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hamster here to post on your wall :)

BLEHBLEHBLEH ! Nothing to post lerrhx.
But just hope that you would be happy instand of sad, because you can't have me. Everynight i will talk to you on the phone secretly :D But i scare we can't be together anymore, because of my mom :( I'm trying to cheer up. Cheer up is all i can do right :) Hamster, remember those picture we've take together @ Jie hui house mah ? Hope you would remember, i'm gonna keep it forever :)

Hamster, you better cheer up hor ! Love Ya <3 Hamster will always be by your side cheering you up :)
9:06 AM

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby's way of saying happy is hairpy <:
I'm updating because baby want me to blog ~
Me no want blog one you know ? ):
But i have to blog !
For the sake of the reader!
Then again ,
Who visits this blog anyway LOL
Fail much !

Yesterday ,
Jiajing, chyeyun, shane, came my house to prepare for the picnic at Marina barrage .
Cook nugget, seaweed chicken & french fries !
Then the jiajing stupid like no tomorrow LOL!
Put so much salt :@ SEE !

I don't think can see clearly, but there's alot of salt ._."

And then there's this idiot chye yun ,
He uses chopper to open a packet of nuggets ._."

Stupid right ?
But cute aye ,

After that started cooking nuggets ! +_+
Look at the nuggets +_+ ! so many !
But the hor suddenly the amount decreased when we got there ._.
I think douglas & that juunyang keep eat :@
I'll just skip on how we got there ,
As we did alot of stupid things on the way
Alright then ,
When we got there the first thing i did was fly kite +__+
Guess what jiajing did ?
Turn on his sniper skill and look around for chio bu !
Rofl ,
Ok i very mean to him like that ,
But we're all man who could resist not looking at a chio bu ?
Well you're looking at the man who wont (:
After all that commotion ,
We played black jack !
Omg i win with chye yun's help <3 !
But then i splitted some of it to him <:
I'm so nice right ?
I take 2 he take 1.50 <:
I feel s o bad suddenly :/
Hmm after that played huitian and shane came !
Played with huitians dslr ! (Y)
Then after that huitian want go toilet ~
And buy drinks ,
So i accompany her to the toilet as i wanted to go for a walk as well .
On the way down ,
Jeslyn , huixin , eric came back , from fetching baolian ,
When i saw her .. i couldn't budge .
I guess you felt the same ?
Still i mustered enough strength to continue walking ..
It was very awkward as i tried to hide everything with a smile .
Guess what i fool you , fooled everyone ..
But it's ok ..
I promised myself i would forget you ..
-skips till fireworks-
Took pictures of the fireworks !
I find myself damn fail !
As i took so many ,
Only 2 were clear ,
But what could you expect ?
Two small kids standing beside me and pushing each other .
Without a stand some more .
And they kept budging me which made the photos look like shit .
Oh well kids will be kids .
No point blaming them .
After that they wanted to celebrate jeslyn's birthday before it gets very late .
So we went to gather them .
Little did we know they went inside a restaurant to enjoy themselves .
So we waited for around 45 mins before they all finished .
And then cleav & yuanzhen quarreled again ._.
Ok skipping this part straight to the wish making moment ,
When jeslyn closed her eyes to make 3 wishes ,
Jiajing and zac stood behind her preparing to spray her !
And jiayi prepared her cake to smash jeslyn ,
After she opened her eyes to blow out the candle .
Boomz she got attacked from all sides ,
Awesome you mei you ?
And then jiajing took out the water balloons !
Everyone went crazy attacking each other ,
All say ok aim this person then after that all throw the person leading ,
Joke !
After that everyone went to wash up ,
I washed up and then went to somewhere where there's no one to lie down ,
I remember counting the kites ,
There were 64 kites in the sky that night ranging from small to big .
Soon i heard a voice and i started talking to him ,
I felt so much better after talking to him ,
Little did i know i was talking to myself this whole time ..
Time to go home !
bus-ed to some weird mrt station o-o
Then took mrt home ,
Did i forget to mention i almost got ran over by a bus ?
Ohh well who cares anyway .

I'll end here bah ?

I'm nothing but a mess .
3:36 AM

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hey peeeeeopole !
I extremely obsessed with this word !
HAHAH ok full stop .

Wanted to blog yesterday ,
But dad came and took lappy away before i cound even start on the next paragraph ._. !
Pathetic right ?
I know it's pathetic don't need for your comments <:
Someone , i need someone .. to help me scratch my back ._.!
Itches like mad ! HAHA ! :D
I don't know what to blog about today people ~
Can i like just and here ? :3
I don't think so ):

Yesterday picked douglas up at airport !
Went breeks eat ,
Omg so fucking expensive :@ !
$80.90 3 people Nabuey LOL !
Plus the food & service ain't that great !
Omg i'm being a critic ._.
Basicly douglas and i kept on disturbing jiajing :D
I stole two packets of brown sugar from breeks LOL!
Just to throw at jiajing :D !
I'm not so.. aunty :x
Then i forgot what i did yesterday HAHA !
I suddenly feel so lazy to blog !
This sucks !
Anyone wanna help me blog ? -winkwink-
I'll end off here :'(

Lastly , Sorry for being so shit today ,
I didn't knew what gotten into me today ,
Maybe it was your words ?
Ugh i don't know :(
I really don't !
Maybe it's good like this somehow ?
Taking a break from each other once in awhile .
I guess that's alright ?
I miss you ,
Sighs ,
I care alot ,
But i'm just at a lost for words currently ,
I don't know what to say or what to do ,
I'm simply pathetic and useless (:
5:59 AM

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Haters will hate , but let them be they'll grow tired of hating one day ,
Yesterday douglas came over to my house in the morning ,
Cause he wanted to pon school ,
I guess he missed me ,
That's why he came over to my house to say goodbye :>
When i woke up baby called me !
Surprised much Hehe !
Then we talked and talk ~
Afterwards shane and huitian said they were coming over o-o !
so sudden siaaaa !
When they entered my house my doggy went to greet them Laughs !
Huitian was like jumping around behind douglas and screaming ,
Shane keep say the dog miss him ,
Bhb much only >:D
I think my dog miss biting him only <:
I felt that it was too noisy ,
And baby was playing audi/watching videos at youtube ,
So i felt i was disturbing her ,
So i kupped ,
Little did i know she got angry :/
Ok back to topic ,
Then they came ,
They screamed ,
They left .

I went douglas house after all that ,
The trip there was quite disappointing ,
Though i managed to keep a smile on my face ,
As douglas was leaving for malaysia tomorrow ,
So joked all the way to his house <:!
When we reached there jiajing said he was at my house already ,
I was laughing my ass off LOOL !
Then jiajing said he'll meet us at northpoint <:
And so we took our time <:
When douglas and i reached northpoint ,
Jiajing was playing jubeat o-o ,
Sorry to say he's a noob xD
Trash him ttm !
But he always play those easy modes ,
Then win me tsk make me drop ranking only ! -'-
Ohh well !
Went Kfc ,
Bought family feast !
Wtf i pay for douglas ,
I wonder why i did that ._.
Ohh well , had fun with you guys <:
I'm wondering did you get robbed like how i said you would in m'sia ?
Dont kill me if you see this douglas :D
Ok back to topic LOL!
After that douglas me & jiajing went to play poool ! :D
While playing jiajing emo ._.
Then after that he gtg LOL
Fucking tard sia LOL
Suddenly want go ,
Then that fucking shane took so fucking long to reach so we pangsehed him . <:
Me and douglas then snucked into chung cheng high yishun !
Missed the place ttm sia ):
So many memories in every part of the school LOOL
From detention to more detention ! (readers do not laugh this is true)
Teacher cannot find a good place to keep us ,
Cause we keep wrecking the place ,
Oh me god ! i miss the old times ):
Went our Councillor office LOOOL
Me and douglas keep dodging teachers ,
Who knew they went in to sit <:
All the teacher change siaaaaa
Last time the teacher see me will scold me one time,
But yesterday ,
Our relief teacher saw me ,
She said "Hey long time no see"
I was expecting from a scolding cause we're not suppose to be in school LOL !
Guess the time we went ?
7~8 Plus awesome right ?
After that me and douglas went to walk around ,
Saw our juniors <:
Said hi and bye LOL
Ok i think i wrote enough <:

Baby is this considered long ?
HAHA ! <:
And yes i do , i love you more and more each day silly girl -winkwink-
7:43 AM

7:05 AM

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hello every single one of you who looks down on me !
Lookie here i'm gonna rock your world !

That's it for today :B
2:49 AM

Rey Zelophobia

" He's a bastard ,
living in his perfect world
Until some bitches came,
and tore everything apart.."

Never say I love you,
If you don't really care
never talk about feelings,
if they aren't really there
never touch a life,
if you mean to break a heart
never say you're going to,
if you don't plan to start
never look me in the eye,
when all you do is lie
never say hello,
if you really mean good-bye .

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